The bodies of Laboratório Associado IBB are:

The Board of Directors;
The Scientific Coordination Committee;
The Scientific Council;
The International Scientific Advisory Committee;

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the
directors, or their representatives, of the Research Units, IBQF, CEB-UM, 3B’s-UM, CGB-UTAD and CBME-UAlg. The director of IBQF is the Director of the Laboratório Associado IBB, who chairs the Board of Directors and is responsible for the overall management.

The Board of Directors members are:

Joaquim Cabral (IBB’s Director), IBQF-IST;

Júlio Novais, IBQF-IST;

Manuel Mota, CEB-UM;

Rui Reis, 3B’s-UM;

Henrique Guedes-Pinto, CGB-UTAD;

Paulo Martel, CBME-UAlg;

The Executive Office

The Executive Office assists the Director in the overall management of the Laboratório Associado IBB resources. It is chaired by the Director and integrates IBB Faculty Members, the Liaison Officer and a secretariat.


The Scientific Coordination Committee

The Scientific Coordination Committee is composed by the Director of IBB, the Leaders of the Thematic Areas and of the Research Thrust Areas. The Director of IBB chairs this committee.

The Scientific Coordination Committee members are:

IBQF: Joaquim Cabral, Júlio Novais, Fernando Ramôa Ribeiro, Isabel Sá-Correia, Francisco Lemos, José Barroso;

CEB-UM: Manuel Mota, José Teixeira,Domingas do Rosário Oliveira, Eugénio Campos Ferreira;  

3B’s-UM: Rui Reis, João Mano, Nuno Neves;

CGB-UTAD: Henrique Guedes Pinto, Raquel Chaves, Olinda Carnide;

CBME-UAlg: Guilherme Matos Ferreira, José Belo, Vera Marques.

The Scientific Council

This council integrates all Doctorate members of IBB.

The International Scientific Advisory Committee

Composed by top scientists from Europe, North America and Japan/Asia.